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Diaper Depot® Oval Baby Changing Station

Features and Benefits

  • Meets ASTM F2285 Consumer Safety Performance Standards For Commercial Diaper Changing Stations.

  • Meets ADA Accessibility guidelines when applicable and when installed to the manufacturer's specifications (4.4.1 Protruding Objects, 4.2.5 Forward Reach, 4.2.6 Side Reach, 4.23.3 and 4.23.7 Fixtures, 4.27.4 Hand Operation - horizontal and vertical units only, 4.32.3 Knee Clearance and 4.32.4 Height of Counters

  • Manufactured with FDA approved plastics

  • Full color safety graphics are permanently molded right into the unit that do not peel off or deteriorate, even with repeated cleaning using industrial grade solvents.

  • A molded hook are to hand and keep a diaper bag within arms reach so parent's attention is not diverted from baby

  • An original Safe Strap® restraint, manufactured with a break resistant buckle

  • Mounting template in English and Spanish is shipped with every unit

  • Available in 4 colors: White, Speckled Gray, Ivory, and Powder Gray


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